This workshop is universally recognised by sport and local authorities as an appropriate form of training for coaches and volunteers (PGA professionals receive 25 CPD points for attendance, and 3 CPD points are awarded by the GCMA to a Secretary or Manager).

All are welcome to attend. The workshop is aimed at Golf Professionals, Junior Organisers, Girls’ Junior Organisers, Volunteers and Club Secretaries/Managers. The course has been subsidised by England Golf and will be offered for £28 per person.

Please inform us if you are under 18 and wish to attend this workshop, as completion of a parental permission form must be carried out prior to attendance.

At the workshop, attendees will:

  • Discuss what constitutes good or poor practice;
  • Discuss a range of child protection issues and scenarios;
  • Be given information on how to respond to an incident or allegation;
  • Receive a SCUK Resource Book and certificate of attendance.

For information about workshops please email Karen Naylor at [email protected] or call her on 01526 351851.



Refresher Training

SCiG recommend that individuals working with children refresh their safeguarding training at least every 3 years. Those who need renew their training now have the option of attending another face to face SPC workshop, or undertaking the new SportsCoach UK ‘Renewal: Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Sport’ eLearning course. England Golf will accept the online refresher for Golfmark and funding purposes, and Golf Union of Wales will accept the online refresher for funding purposes. PGA professionals will receive 10 CPD points for completing the online training, and 3 CPD points are awarded by the GCMA to a Secretary or Manager.

It is available immediately here: Online Refresher Course

The course is £16 and takes1 ½ hours.  You can enter and leave the course at your convenience and on completion you will be emailed your certificate.

For further information on training in Ireland, please visit the CGI website for more information.