I hate the nationals most of all, because the stakes are higher … My father is shelling out money, investing in me, and when I lose, there goes another piece of his investment. – Andre Agassi

Psychologists say that for talented children to reach their full potential, a healthy relationship with their parents is essential. An overbearing, demanding parent can lead a child to the point of self-destruction or burnout. A clear example is the case of Andre Agassi. In his autobiography, the tennis champion writes about the negative impact of his father’s constant pressure, and how he came to hate the sport at just 10 years of age.

Tales of obsessive parents such as Christophe Faviau, who fatally drugged his child’s sporting rivals, are becoming more common. While that may be an extreme example, this ‘win at all costs’ approach shows how parental judgement can be impaired when ambition overtakes common sense.

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Click on the Magic Sports Kit YouTube clip to see what some kids think of adults’ behaviour at junior sports events.

This video shows several children involved in different sports describing how the behaviour of parents/spectators deteriorates when they wear their ‘magic sports kit’ – i.e. when they compete. They talk about a range of bad adult behaviours and how these negatively impact on them. They then describe and promote positive behaviour.