Why it can be hard to tell an adult   

  • The person who is doing wrong, whether it’s an adult or another young person, might have told you to keep quiet and not tell anybody.
  • The person might be someone who everyone seems to look up to, including your parents, maybe.
  • The person might have threatened you, or suggested you’ll risk your place in a squad or team if you tell. They might have made threats about your friends or family.
  • They might may have tried to tell you that nobody will believe you, or that nobody will do anything if you speak up.
  • You might feel guilty that you didn’t do something to stop what has happened.
  • You might not want to let your parents down.
  • You might think the problem will go away if you ignore it.

Don't let any of these things stop you getting help

Getting Help

  • Find an adult you trust as soon as possible.  This could be your mum or dad, or someone else in your family; an adult at the club; a teacher or school counsellor;  or your doctor or school nurse.  
  • Your club has a Club Welfare Officer, and they will also know what to do. Find out who they are and speak to them.
  • Don’t bottle it up. No problem is too big or too small, whether you’re feeling unhappy, scared or stressed, or just want to talk to someone. No matter what it seems like on the outside, everyone has issues in their life. Take a look at this short film about what happens when you contact Childline and how this service can help.
  • Contact one of these child protection helplines. They will know exactly who can help you in your area. 
  • Some young adults who’ve had a worry in the past say they didn’t always want to talk face to face. Remember there are lots of ways you can get in touch with someone and find help.
  • If someone has made you feel uncomfortable or tried to harm you, make sure you are not alone again with the person.
  • To find out what other people have done when they were made to feel  miserable and no longer wanted to play golf, and what happened after that, you can read about Katie and James’s stories here