If you play golf you have the right to have fun and stay safe

Does someone make you feel unhappy, miserable or worried? Does their behaviour affect how you feel about visiting your club or playing golf? It might be an adult or another young person who is doing something wrong, or making you feel uncomfortable or afraid. Either way, if it feels wrong to you, then you should talk to an adult you trust about what’s happening. 

We can help you:

It can be really hard to tell someone else what’s going on, or talk about how you’re feeling. We want to help you feel confident about doing this. Click here to read our advice on how to talk to an adult you trust.

Here, you can read about James, a young golfer who was feeling so miserable he didn’t want to play golf anymore.

You can also read about what happened to Katie. She felt so under pressure to play well that when she had a bad game, she changed her card to show a better score.

You can also click here for more information about getting help.