Whatever your position – Junior Organiser, Club Welfare Officer, County Union Secretary, Volunteer, Golf Professional, Coach – you’re not alone when it comes to protecting kids in golf. Support and advice are always available.

It is very important that you take positive action if you are alerted to child welfare concerns. If you’re worried about the safety of a young person, you should immediately report the situation to the authorities, such as local police or social services.

If the circumstances are not quite as dangerous as that, but you still need to take action, your first priority should be the wellbeing of the child involved. This takes precedence over preserving the reputation of any individual or organisation.

We see common situations arise at club, county and national levels. The case studies here will highlight some of these, and give you an idea of how they have been resolved.

If, after reading the case studies, you need more advice, contact the relevant organisation in your area.